1. Why StreamsPower is free? What is the trick?
Talking straight because I will be earning from advertising. And believe it or not, I want to help a lot of people make a true living from the internet.
2. What will I do and what will you do?
I will publish new posts every day, the best posts from the best websites like a newspaper.

What you will do:
1. Register to streamspower
2. Register to clickbank like affiliate, if you haven’t done so. Then, generate their hoplinks to be embedded into your site.
3. If you want to earn more commissions, help other people under you to register to your site. Because they will embed into their site your clickbank link, you will also earn a recurring income for those links too.
4. Use “word of mouth” through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Then this will run in automatic pilot.

3. What will I pay and what will you pay
I will pay the domain name, hosting and everything to maintain the site.
You will pay anything.

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